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Goffstown Junior Baseball

Goffstown Junior Baseball


Minors (Ages – 8-10)


The Minor League is intended to continue teaching and strengthening the fundamentals of the game at a more competitive level for both boys and girls ages 8, 9, and 10. In this league it is the first time player's pitch to other players and the score is kept. Minors has more emphasis on teaching and developing baseball skills like fielding, throwing, catching, hitting, pitching, stealing bases and sliding at a higher level while teaching them the rules of baseball. As with all leagues this is intended for the children to have fun while learning the rules and fundamentals of baseball.


Discuss goals for the season with entire team at the first practice. Stress the importance of a positive attitude and hustling on and off the field (no walking).  Good teammates should be rewarded.  There should be a ZERO tolerance for disrespecting coaches, umpires and their own teammates.  Throwing bats and gloves is unacceptable.   Bad attitudes can be infectious to the rest of the team and should be addressed immediately.



o   Proper technique and ball grip should be reviewed.

o   Teach throwing to 1st base

o   Teach throwing to other bases


- Fielding:

o   Ground balls

o   Field ball in front of them (bat in front)

o   Pop Ups-

o   Pick ups

o   Short hops

o   Catching with 2 hands as much as possible.

o   Review when it is a force out or a tag play.



o   Bat grip,

o   Bat position

o   Balanced stance

o   Tee work station

o   Pivoting back foot (Squish the bug)

o   Negative move (avoid bat wrap)

o   Hands inside the baseball (long swing)

o   Knob Drill

o   Limit underhand toss on side screen

o   Teach kids about counts 3-0 during practice.  If they swing in game no need to yell at them. 
Have discussion with them after the at Bat.

- Base running:

o   Running through the bag at 1st base. 

o   Running to other bases.  Make sure they know they cannot run through other bases like 1st base.

o   Review when to run and not run (pop ups vs ground balls)

o   Tag up on pop flies

o   Sliding

o   Sliding into home plate – Required!

o   See and hear base coaches instructions



o   Teach the positions on the field

o   Reinforce positions with experienced players and new players.

o   Start to teach backing up throws to all bases (OF)

o   Backing up pitchers with guy on 3B (SS or 2B)

o   Cut offs (who is cutoff and who covers what bases)

o   Catcher Development

o   Pitcher Development


Goffstown Junior Baseball
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